Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Since launching a new B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business in 2020, EasyUni has successfully acquired customers from across the globe with Fairwiz – a cloud-based platform to host virtual open days, virtual fairs and exhibitions. EasyUni kicked off 2021 with the acquisition of customers in Hong Kong and North America like South China Morning Post, OSF Healthcare, and Private Illinois Colleges & Universities (PICU).

Research and development of Fairwiz began in mid-2019 with the idea of bringing more value to EasyUni’s clients in the education industry. For the past several years, EasyUni saw many clients gradually reduce their participation and investment in physical education fairs. They switched to hosting more physical open days.

When a university client approached EasyUni to develop a custom system for their virtual open days, EasyUni figured that it would be more beneficial to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that many others could use – instead of a custom product that only one client would use.

When the COVID-19 crisis happened, EasyUni’s clients began to cut their marketing budgets – dramatically impacting revenue. Fortunately for EasyUni, they were able to accelerate the launch of Fairwiz. Many of EasyUni’s clients could no longer organise open days, job fairs, and education fairs which meant they were looking for online alternatives.

Today, EasyUni sees Fairwiz applied by organisations, industries, and scenarios that they did not initially design for – like a job fair for a cannabis business association in North America. EasyUni customers who have subscribed to Fairwiz have hosted or are planning to host many virtual events such as open days, education fairs, learning festivals, property exhibitions, and more.

“When we released Fairwiz, we had initially developed it for the education sector and didn’t think we’d have an organisation like the South China Morning Post sign up to use it. Since releasing Fairwiz we’ve acquired customers in the education and event management space in North America, Asia, and the Middle East,” says Nurbek Jusupov, CEO and Co-Founder at EasyUni. “Our success with Fairwiz demonstrates that even in tough times, there are still global opportunities in tech, even if it means pivoting the business.”

Many organisations, especially those that relied heavily on in-person events, had to do much pivoting for their events in 2020. They always had to ask themselves whether they should cancel an event, schedule an event, go virtual with an event or stick with physical events.

“We have accumulated a robust stack of knowledge pivoting from large-scale in-person events to virtual webinars and we have developed new best practices along the way. Starting 2021, we’ve established our direction to go entirely virtual for our events and we are mindful to remain agile and adapt quickly in a pandemic-impacted and very fluid industry,” says Razlan Manjaji, Events Director at the South China Morning Post. “While event technologies continue to evolve and improve, we’d encouraged that the Fairwiz team was committed to onboard us over tight deadlines and addressing all our queries.”

About Fairwiz: Fairwiz is a virtual event Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) owned and operated by EasyUni Sdn Bhd. Customers can host many virtual events such as open days, education fairs, learning festivals, property exhibitions, and more. Fairwiz is trusted by organisations worldwide like South China Morning Post, University Malaya, University of Nottingham Malaysia, OSF Healthcare, and more. To learn more about Fairwiz, visit

About EasyUni: EasyUni helps universities and colleges recruit more students from Asia and the Middle East via EasyUni websites and digital marketing services. With 11 websites, a mailing list of 600,000 subscribers, and around 300,000 followers on social media, EasyUni has connected more than 13 million students to higher education institutions. To learn more about EasyUni, visit

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