Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

These are a number of places where you can promote your event:

Website Banners / Pop-ups / Forms

If you design a specific event page on your website with a form, make sure that the event platform you chose can support bulk import. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to manually add registrants to your event.

Social Media

Figure out where your target demographic lives on the web and make sure that you're on the the right social media platform. For example, if your target audience is parents of students in their final year of high school, reach out to them through your Facebook page. If you don't have enough of a following, partner with other Facebook pages that have a similar target audience to yours. For example, if you need to reach out to students in South East Asia or the Middle East that are interested in pursuing undergraduate studies, consider EasyUni.

Email Marketing

If you don't have a sufficient database to tap into, find similar partners that do and reach out to them to have your school, college, or university mentioned in their e-newsletters or as a standalone email sent from a third-party – like EasyUni.

SMS or Instant Messaging apps like Whatsapp

If your demographic doesn’t really read SMS and mainly uses Whatsapp, engage and promote to them on Whatsapp.

PPC Ads with Remarketing

Depending on your audience (and your budget), you can choose to have Pay Per Click ads show up on social media platforms, search engines, YouTube, and even on ride-sharing apps or music apps like Spotify.

Other Websites

Have your event listed on other websites that also target your demographic and leverage on their traffic. For example, EasyUni has many Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern students that visit their network of 11 websites, so if you’re looking to target students from those regions, then make sure you have a presence and promote your event there.

The good thing about EasyUni is that we’ve integrated them to Fairwiz which means once you create an event, you have the option to have it published on all the sites in the EasyUni network. Want to see how this works? Book a demo or drop us an email.