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Highlights of what we were up to last month

We're now in Q3 of 2021 and online events are not going away anytime soon.

The team and I have been in hundreds of meetings with organisations that have shown interest in virtual events with exhibition components. If you've hosted or are planning to host an online event, you'll want to make sure you avoid this one mistake.

Want to receive more virtual event insights like the link above? Join this new community on LinkedIn. The group was created for future-forward thinkers interested in anything related to hosting virtual events with exhibition components – career fairs, education fairs, open days, trade shows, open houses, and more.

If you'd like to learn how to host effective online events, check out and register for one of our webinars. We've already hosted 4 webinars and have more to host this month.

Fairwiz Statistics

Since our last update, we see an increase in activity across the board for last month!

  • 22,781 attendees (34% increase) = the total number of attendees across all events powered by Fairwiz
  • 5,152 attendees (159% increase) = the most number of attendees in a single event
  • 219 events (15% increase) = the total number of events powered by Fairwiz
  • 61 events (45% increase) = the most number of events created by a single customer within a 12-month subscription period
  • 6 events (20% increase) = the average number of events created per customer

Raising the Bar for a Single Event

Last month, we broke new records when one of our customers hosted an online event that had 5,152 people in attendance – a 159% increase from the previous record. 🎉

Here are some interesting stats from that event:

  • 93% of attendees that filled in an automated post-event survey said that they are likely to attend future events. An overwhelming majority gave the event 4 to 5 stars when rating overall satisfaction (out of 5).
  • With 29 booths, each booth had an average of 572 visits throughout the 7-day event. The highest was 2,659!
  • 72% of attendees entered the event from their mobile device – proving once again that it's important to choose virtual event technology that's designed to be mobile-friendly. Like Fairwiz!

Product Updates

Features, fixes, and enhancements to make your job easier.


  1. Bulk import attendees. Collected event registrations from a different marketing channel? Now you can bulk import those contacts into Fairwiz!
  2. Automated post-event surveys. You'll be able to automatically get feedback about what your attendees thought of their online event experience with you.
  3. Enhanced landing page builder. We'll be making it easier customise your event registration pages.
  4. We squashed bugs. Lots of them. 😊

Coming Soon

  1. New dashboard. We're working hard to upgrade the dashboard and make it intuitive, user-friendly, and modern.
  2. New attendee UI/UX. In addition to the new dashboard, we're also improving the user interface of the attendee.

Upcoming Events

Get inspired by some events powered by Fairwiz.

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