Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Before you can even promote your event, you're going to need a landing page to showcase your event and the value of attending it.

These are the key elements you need to get people to register for your event:

  • No distractions. This landing page should not have other links to other pages. You want them to go through this entire page until they end up registering for your event.
  • Hero image. Something that showcases the unique selling point of your institution, e.g. QS Universities awarded your university for being in the Top 40 in your region or your school is known for its sports faculty, OR your college is known for diversity.
  • Compelling headline. It should be unique to your school, college, or university and not something like "Top University in Asia". A good headline has a value proposition that has a pro without a con and uses active words. Example: Get a top US degree without having to spend top-dollar.
  • Bullet points. Avoid blocks of text and keep it short and simple with 3 to 5 bullet points that explain the value of attending your event.
  • Social proof. Have some text/audio/video testimonials from alumni, current students, or parents.
  • Awards & recognition. Showcase any rewards or recognition your institution has received.
  • Simple form. A registration form that doesn't make the registration use more than a minute to fill in.
  • Urgency. Create a sense of urgency to fill in the form. Maybe the first few people that register get a special promo if they register and attend the event.
  • Consistency. Make sure that there's continuity from your marketing channels to your landing page. Nobody likes false advertising.

With Fairwiz, you can choose from a few template designs and edit them with a built-in drag-and-drop WYSIWYG landing page designer. Don't know what WYSIWYG and want to see how it works? Book a demo or drop us an email.