We’ve seen how the pandemic cancelled events left, right and centre. Schools and higher education institutions especially had to pause their open days and education fairs.

Still, thanks to virtual platforms, they’ve been able to foster meaningful connections online. Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons why virtual fairs should be a part of your event planning checklist:

1. Without the worries of booking venues and catering, virtual education fairs or open days are typically more affordable than in-person ones.

2. Not to mention you can have unlimited visitors because there are no space constraints.

3. Meeting online means no waiting, no queues, no squeezing through the crowd.

4. You can reach more students, especially if you're handling international student recruitment.

5. Your visitors are no longer limited by the time factor.

6. Travelling and transportation are not an issue anymore.

7. They can cut their time for dressing up too.

8. Pro tip: online open days reduce carbon footprint. Gen Z students are increasingly more conscious of climate change.

9. Visitors have the freedom to comfortably learn more about your school, college or university before they make a decision. They can also quietly enter in and out of booths and live talks without interrupting anyone.

10. Last but not least, they get to have a 1-to-1 live chat with counsellors or student ambassadors as well!

Do these reasons sound convincing to you? Book a demo with us anytime to learn more about hosting virtual education fairs and open days. You can also drop us an email for more information.