How to Host Effective Virtual Education Fairs

30 Nov 2021 • 6 min read
A complete guide for event organisers that plan on hosting effective virtual education fairs.
It's crucial for event organisers to regularly host events such as virtual education fairs to generate interest and get students excited to apply to educational institutions.

This guide is best suited for you if:

You're part of the event organising team.
You're new to event organising.
You're looking to improve your organising strategy.
In this article, we'll guide you through all stages of a virtual education fair, from pre-event to during the event and post-event.


Identify your target audience and establish your event objectives.

Suppose your objective is not to assist institutions with student recruitment. In that case, you may consider another event format rather than a virtual education fair. Your goals should be SMART: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-Bound.

Specific: states what you'll do and uses action words.
Measurable: provides a way to evaluate and.
Achievable: it's possible to accomplish based on historical data or benchmarks.
Relevant: makes sense within your job function and improves the business in some way.
Time-bound: this should be self-explanatory.

Example: To help 10 universities promote their medical undergraduate programmes to the Middle Eastern market with a target of 1000 attendees over two days.

Find the right platform to host your virtual education fair.

Choosing a suitable online event format and supporting tech is crucial for your event organising strategy to succeed. Firstly, what are your event objectives? You will also need to consider all limitations before choosing your platform, such as:

• Is there a limit to the number of registrants that can attend?
• Is there a limit to how many reminder emails or push notifications you can send out?
• Can your participants directly interact with the institutions?

Depending on your goals, the resources that you'd need to fulfil them would change.


Track attendance rates.

If attendance is low when it should be higher, figure out what you can do to bring in more traffic, e.g. schedule a reminder email.

Ideally, whatever event tech you use should allow you to track attendance rates in real-time like Fairwiz.

Still not sure how to increase attendance rate? Here’s everything you need to know about boosting attendance at your virtual event.

Check-in during the event on the overall performance.

Be on standby to monitor traffic (overall & to each booth).

Monitor live chats.

Ensure there are no chats that are left idle or unresponded.

Monitor attendance to live sessions.

If attendance is low, schedule an announcement. Is nobody asking questions? Get the institution representatives to come in and ask backup questions. Have a few people on your end (that don't look like they're from the institutions) engage with participants. Check out these ideas for how to make your event more engaging.

Debrief with the team immediately after the event.

It's best to schedule a debrief right after the event, as whatever you remember of what went well or what didn't go well will still be fresh in your mind. Use this time to share feedback with everyone, discuss how the next event can be better, and schedule a more in-depth session at a later stage to review a post-mortem report.


Create a post-mortem report to review with the team.

Analyse the event database, chat transcripts, most successful marketing channels, and any other crucial information.

A good event platform will allow you even to study the behaviour of your attendees.
Analyse the event database, chat transcripts, most successful marketing channels, and any other crucial information.
Once you have all that information ready in a digestible format, share it with the team.

So that's it! This is your ultimate guide on how to host effective virtual education fairs regardless of whether you use Fairwiz or not.

Many event organisations use Fairwiz, with the help of our Customer Success Team, to host their virtual education fairs effectively. Want to learn how Fairwiz can power your virtual education fairs? Book a demo or send us an email to learn more.

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